As a domestic violence survivor, I use my personal story of resilience, courage and strength to champion non-violence against women and share information on how to stop domestic violence.


I am dedicated to imparting knowledge and empowering communities around Australia to stand up and speak out against domestic violence. Through sharing my personal story, I explore what it means to be a victim of domestic violence and the importance of staying strong and maintaining a positive mindset. I will also address what I believe are some of the “red flags” in a relationship that you should be looking out for and provide useful advice on how you can protect yourself from abusive relationships.



I am available to speak at your workplace to raise awareness and equip your staff with the skills and resources to identify and address issues on domestic violence. The workplace is often a safe place for victims to seek refuge away from the perpetrator but a person may be reluctant to speak about their experiences because of the stigma attached to issue. I will explore this using my story and encourage people who are going through abusive relationships to stand up and speak out against domestic violence. Remember, you are not alone.



Schools play a central role in teaching young people the value of respect and I use my personal story to remind everyone the importance of having respectful relationships. Students might also be witness to violence at home or victims in their own intimate relationships and my presentation aims to share how they can prevent these from happening. Let’s work together to promote positive, equal and respectful relationships.


Speaking at St Brigid’s College Horsham, Victoria


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